Part 3: Automated Desktop Pool with instant clone

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Starting from Horizon 8 2006 Linked Close is deprecated and will be defenitely deleted in the feature. Linked close is replaced by Instant Clone so there is no need to use Composer.

Instant Clone tips:

  • The master VM snapshot is copied to every LUN containing instant clones. Composer does the same.
  • If you deploy 12+ VMs per host of the same pool, then “Parent” machines are created on each ESXi host for each datastore. For lower density, Horizon 2006 and newer support Smart Provisioning, which eliminates the need for “Parent” machines. See the Smart Provisioning YouTube video for an overview.
  • Persistent disks are not supported with Instant Clones.

Before adding the pool you need to add a Domain. Go to Settings -> Domains -> Instant Clone Engine Domain Accounts -> Add.

So for adding the pool you need to go to Inventory -> Desktop -> Add.

Select Automated Desktop Pool and click Next.

In this case we want to use Instant Clone, so select it and click Next.

Instant clone support all theese futures.

We will go on with floating Pool instead Dedicated.

Floating Pool: Users will receive machine picked randomly from the desktop pool each time they log in.

Dedicated Pool: Users receive the same machine each time they log into the desktop pool.

Give a name to the pool.

Define the naming pattern for the virtual machine and how many do you want in the pool and as for spare.

Fill all the information require about:

  • Which golden imange in the vCenter do you wanna use.
  • Which snapshot of the Gold imange.
  • Which location Horizon should use for storing VMs.
  • Which Cluster.
  • Which Resource Pool.
  • Which Datastores.
  • And the network if you want a diffetent one from the golden image.

Configure restrictions and behaviours on log off or vm restart.

Now you have to choose which will be the default protocol you prefer to use and if the users can choose it.

Add the entitlements and click OK.

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