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After  vSphere 5 VMware announce the a new major release.

In this release VMware vSphere® 6.0 introduces many enhancements to VMware vSphere Hypervisor, VMware virtual machines, VMware vCenter Server™, virtual storage, and virtual networking. Right now I’ll write just a list of the improvements so you can have a quick look on which parts are involved. Later I’ll dedicate posts on the major enhancements.

According to VMware vSpehre Hypervisor these are the improvements:

  • Scalability Improvements
  • ESXi Security Enhancements

According to Virtual Machine  these are the improvements:

  • Virtual Machine Compatibility Level with ESXi 6.0
  • vNUMA Enhancements
  • Serial and Parallel Port Enhancements
  • Expanded Guest OS Support

According to vCenter Server Enhancements these are the improvements:

  • vCenter Server Architecture Changes
  • Platform Services Controller
  • Enhanced Linked Mode
  • Certificate Management
  • vCenter Server Appliance
  • vSphere Web Client
  • VMware vSphere vMotion
  • VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance Enhancements
  • VMware vSphere High Availability Enhancements
  • Multisite Content Library

According to vSphere Storage Enhancements  these are the improvements:

  • Virtual Volumes
  • VMware vSphere Data Protection Enhancements
  • VMware vSphere Replication Enhancements

According to vSphere Networking these are the improvements:

  • vSphere Network I/O Control Enhancements
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