Update VMware vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) with CLI

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Upgrading VCSA with CLI is not so difficult as you could think. We need just six steps to reach the goal.

  1. Download patch from here.
  2. Upload to a datastore the iso file downloaded before anche connect to the VCSA appliance.
  3. Connect to the VCSA with SSH and run the following commands.
  4. Run software-packages stage --iso.
  5. Run software-packages list --staged.
  6. Run software-packages install --staged.

Following the command explanation.

First command

Command> software-packages stage --iso

ISO mounted succesfully

You can see that the ISO has been succesfylly mounted. After that you need to hit shift till the end and accept EULA

Eula confirmation
Staging process completed successfully

At the end, if you have accepted the EULA, you will see this output: “Staging process completed successfully”

Second command

After the packeges have been staged, you can again verity which packages will be installed with the following command.

software-packages list --staged
This will list out which packages, respective which version and build number has been staged to install it.

Listed Staged packets

Third command

If everything is ok, you can go ahead installing the staged packages, with the following command.

software-packages install --staged

will be prompt to insert SSO password

SSO Password
SSO Domain administrator password

If the SSO password is correct, you will see an output like thisone.

Installation process

At the end a message “Packages updated successfully” is shown. Could be required even a reboot.

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