Brocade enabling and disabling Access Gateway mode

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Use the following steps to enable and disable Access Gateway mode. After you enable AG mode, some fabric information is erased, such as the zone and security databases. Enabling AG mode is disruptive because the switch is disabled and rebooted. For more information on the ag commands used in these steps, refer to the Fabric OS Command Reference Manual.

  1. Connect to the switch and log in using an account assigned to the admin role.
  2. Before enabling or disabling a switch to AG mode, save the current configuration file using the configUpload command in case you might need this configuration again.
  3. Ensure that no zoning or Admin Domain (AD) transaction buffers are active. If any transaction buffer is active, enabling AG mode will fail with the error, “Failed to clear Zoning/Admin Domain configuration”.
  4. Verify that the switch is set to Native mode.
    1. Issue the switchShow command to verify the switch mode.
    2. If the switch mode is anything other than 0, issue the interopmode 0 command to set the switch to Native mode
  5. Enter the switchDisable command.
    switch:admin> switchdisable
    This command disables all user ports on a switch. All Fibre Channel ports are taken offline. If the switch is part of a fabric, the remaining switches reconfigure. You must disable the switch before making configuration changes
  6. Enter the ag –modeenable command.
    switch:admin> ag –modeenable
    The switch automatically reboots and comes back online in AG mode using a factory default port mapping.
  7. Enter the ag –modeshow command to verify that AG mode is enabled
    switch:admin> ag –modeshow

.Access Gateway mode is enabled.

You can display the port mappings and status of the host connections to the fabric on Access Gateway.

  1. Enter the ag –mapshow command to display all the mapped ports.
    The ag –mapshow command shows all enabled N_Ports, even if those N_Ports are not connected.
  2. Enter the switchShow command to display the status and port state of all ports

When you disable AG mode, the switch automatically reboots and comes back online using the fabric switch configuration; the AG parameters, such as port mapping, and Failover and Failback, are automatically removed. When the switch reboots, it starts in Fabric OS Native mode. To rejoin the switch to the core fabric, refer to “Rejoining Fabric OS switches to a fabric”.

  1. Enter the switchDisable command to disable the switch.
    switch:admin> switchdisable
  2. Enter the ag command with the —modedisable option to disable AG mode.
    switch:admin> ag –modedisable
  3.  Enter the ag –modeshow command to verify that AG mode is disabled.
    switch:admin> ag –modeshow

Access Gateway mode is NOT enabled

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